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About Caster Industries

Welcome to, the Internet home of one of the best-selling caster and wheel product lines in North America.

For more than 50 years, we've been quietly manufacturing casters millions of people use everyday. Caster Industries offers better quality, better selection, better pricing and better service nationwide.

From the lightest duty casters which hold a few pounds, to heavy duty models with capacities over a ton-and-a-half -- and some 30,000 other casters in-between -- Caster Industries offers the best value of any caster company.

Caster Industries is a distributor of industrial and institutional casters and wheels
Our extensive line of quality products and our 50 years of combined experience qualify us for your most challenging applications
A caster is a wheel and a swivel or rigid assembly, the right combination makes your equipment maneuverable, the wrong one hurts your back.
Please call us for any preset or future requirements.

We always have them in stock
Industrial Casters - Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Casters
Food Handling Casters - Hospital Caster - Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Casters
Wheels - Different Sizes and Materials

Industrial Applications
  • Air Cargo Industry
  • Auto Industry
  • Food Service Industry
  • Material Handling Industry
  • Medial Equipment Industry
  • Shopping Cart Industry
  • Waste Industry

Caster Industries
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Phone: 714-848-4118 | Fax: 714-848-6240
Industrial Casters and Institutional Casters
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